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Calendar Sayings 2022 Inspirational Word Calendar


LHT YRS Calendar Sayings is focused on providing original inspirational content. Our product Calendar Sayings is a desktop 2022 inspirational calendar with an inspirational saying every calendar day. Each calendar is priced @ $24.95 each which covers shipping and handling in the continental United States. Or order the app for 9.99 which covers two devices. The app will be downloaded to your phone and one other device every night at 12am. Pay by Visa, Master Card or check by phone. This Calendar gives an inspirational saying for everyday of the year.. 

David Rivers, Executive director LHT YRS Marketing Group.

Email: [email protected]


2022 Calendar Sayings - single day display January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022

Page count: 375 pages.

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Format: Desk Calendar executive styling.

Category: Inspirational Word Calendar.

Calendar Sayings: A calendar for motivation and inspiration by David Rivers

Publisher: LHT YRS Publishing Group.

Featuring 365 individual calendar sayings one saying for everyday of the year. with holidays . Giving you inspiration to look forward.

This calendar will be available in a limited quantity. Get this one of a kind calendar with original inspirational and motivational sayings that have never been published before now.

Retail: ISBN# 978-0-615-39610-1

We offer custom tailored sayings for your business to display prominently on your website or desktop version for your clients daily viewing. Let our writer's custom design 365 sayings to be displayed prominently on your web site or desktop at your customers fingertips. In all you do have vision for your future, this vision should be planned. Our business is your inspiration to succeed. This marketing innovation is a concept that will keep your business front and center of all your clients and customers everyday of the year

Inspiring business and individuals one at a time. Please feel free to contact us. We're here to help make you and your companies goals a reality. Check back later for new updates to our website. Free saying of the day at